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The Russian Winter Festival is a major annual event celebrating and promoting Russian culture which takes place in the very heart of the British capital. For one day each year Trafalgar Square is a superb venue offering a wonderful taste of Russia to both children and adults alike and incorporating a varied programme of traditional as well as cutting-edge music and entertainment. It marks Russia’s Old New Year as according to the Tsarist calendar used prior to 1917 as is still celebrated in Russia today.

The festival sees the square transformed, with market stalls selling crafts and food, children’s games, theatrical performances and puppets for the younger members of the audience. The festival’s programme also includes the Old New Year Gala Dinner, a select gathering with performances by the festival’s artists that takes place in the atmospheric surroundings of London’s ancient Guildhall.

Artists: children from Russian schools in London, the ensemble Slavyanye under the direction of Nadezhda Babkina, the Buryat ensemble Baikal, Star factory competition winner Mark Tishman, Bianka, The Russian National Dance Show, the retro ensemble Zemlyane, the pop groups Sankt Peterburg, Kuba, Fabrika and Dima Bilan, the rock group Alisa and DJ Lupin.

Ensemble Productions has provided artistic management and production support to Eventica the organiser of the annual Russian Winter Festival at Trafalgar Square ever since the festival’s inception in 2005.


13 January 2008


Trafalgar Square, London

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