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Live entertainment can transform an event. Whether the mood you’re looking for is one of elegance and sophistication, style and panache or just plain good fun, Ensemble Productions can supply the right artists to suit your needs. Let us help you arrange and manage your corporate dinners, receptions and parties by bringing music and dance to provide unforgettable entertainment for your guests.

Our main – and unbeatable – expertise lies in our ability to source the finest musicians and dancers, enabling us to develop exclusive live entertainment programmes for your event. We also provide the traditional services of venue hire, supply of instruments and technical equipment, recording, photography and video, catering, accommodation and transportation.

From low-profile functions to lavish corporate dinners, we’re here to help your event go with a swing. Our comprehensive artist portfolio includes:

  • Classical (pianists, harpists, violinists, string and bass ensembles, chamber orchestras and symphony orchestras)
  • Opera
  • Ballet
  • Folk Music and Dance and Folk Pop (Russian, Gipsy, East European, Klezmer, Latin and African)
  • Jazz (jazz pianists, jazz ensembles, Dixieland and contemporary jazz)
  • Blues, Soul, Disco, Rock, Reggae, Funk, R&B and Pop
  • Dance (samba, tango, salsa, flamenco, cabaret, show dancers and contemporary dance)
  • Disc jockeys
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